Dawaey - دوائي

Dawaey is a smart medical refrence for healthcare providers that working out of the box

It uses Google’s Angular@latest and IONIC@latest plus some other cool and bleeding edge technologies to achieve its smartness

Try online -> PWA

Install dependencies

npm i

Install global dependencies

npm i -g ionic cordova

Browser serve

ionic serve

Build debug

ionic build
ionic cordova build android
ionic cordova build ios

Build prod release

ionic cordova build android --prod --release
ionic cordova build ios --prod


Development FAQ:

Q: Decryption password is missing?

A: Run this command in the root folder and reload the browser

echo "export const KEYS = { password: 123456 }" > src/app/keys.ts

App Screenshots

iOS Android Windows Phone!

And Progressive Web App

Statistics for the past few days: Statistics

Download Links

App Store

Google Play

Contributions and forks are most welcome

Jump in now

git clone https://github.com/microsmsm/dawaey